Applebutter & Friends

VP_Applebutter_and_Friends_LogoHi Sweetheart!

I have just uploaded the store with another lovely tubeset! Applebutter and friends! What an incredible huge and bright set. With the combination of mixed line artists (most of them are unfortunately closed). This colourful bright set gives you lots of props backgrounds and endless possibilities! This one is a must have in your collection of you want a set that you could use all year trough! What will you create with them?

Love Jo

Bright Smiles!

VP-bright-smiles-logoOn hot days in summer, you just need to sit and relax at the pool. Take a cool drink and have a little nap in the shadows of the sunshade. A dive in the pool with the zebraband and you are totally ready for your lazy summer days! This lovely bear will help you with playing and relaxing! What will you create with them?

Love Jo

Summer Special!

Hi there! Are you ready for summer?! Vanilla Patch is having a short Summer Special! It is now possible to order older sets I created in the past. So if you have missed out on one cause you where too late or there was no funds at the moment here is another chance!! You can find the old sets HERE

Dates: Special starts today & Ends july 14th

All sets are $15.00 USD each or when bought more than one look in the list below for a special offer


1 set – $15.00 USD
3 sets – $40.00 USD
5 sets – $60.00 USD
10 sets – $100.00 USD

Happy summertime!

Love Jo

Cuddlesome Happy Easter

VP_Cuddlesome_Happy_Easter_LogoEaster is coming near! And its celebrate with lots and lots of eggs and happy bright colours. This lovely set is created with lots of joy in my heart. It is such a cute and happy set. The characters are so so cute that you can use them for all sets you like. The props are in easter and spring theme but I am sure you can use the backgrounds and such for lots of other possibilities! Its the cutest must have set currently on the block!  What will you create with them? Its such a big set with hundreds of options  that the large sample is resized otherwise it would not fit your screen!

Also an update from my new home. Some might have experienced a little down town but we are in our new home now! YAY! Everything is wonderful and I hope we will stay here till we are old and gray! :) The kids are managing good at the new school and new rules. They loooove their loft that we designed as big playroom with all their toys computer and tv. We looove to sit in the garden now! But waiting till the grass is growing! (Its a big sand plot now! GRM) Tho We love the sun the weather and the people in the village! <3 We are settled down and happy!

With Lots of Love, Jo

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